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Math Teacher

Mr. Solórzano has been teaching mathematics for 8 years. He graduated from Florida International University in winter of 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and a minor in Business. Prior to becoming a teacher, Mr. Solórzano spent a couple of years volunteering for different organizations.

In the summer of 2012, he became an intern for MEDLIFE, an organization whose purpose is to bring Medicine, Education, and Development to Low Income Families Everywhere. He had an opportunity to travel to Peru and Ecuador to assist medical staff with the set-up and run of mobile clinics at different villages. He also helped build educational facilities and different staircase projects along with community members and other MEDLIFE volunteers in different communities. During his internship, he managed over 300 volunteers in more than 10 mobile clinics and led educational campaigns to raise awareness among community members.

In the fall of 2012, after completing his internship with MEDLIFE, Mr. Solórzano joined City Year as a Corps Member. During his time with City Year, Mr. Solórzano served as a full-time mentor, role model, and tutor in an under-resourced public high school. He provided targeted math interventions to students performing below grade level and improved their performance by 42%. Mr. Solórzano also delivered whole-school and in-class support through curriculum, attendance, and behavior initiatives. In 2013, he continued with City Year as a Senior Corps Member, where he supervised and managed a team of 12 diverse AmeriCorps members. He supported his team to meet over 100% of the required dosage of math intervention for 515 freshmen. Among other achievements, Mr. Solórzano facilitated leadership development trainings, teambuilding activities, and reflection workshops for 30 AmeriCorps members.

In 2014, Mr. Solórzano began his first year as a full-time teacher. He provided Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 instructions with a 30% increase in student learning as evident by standardized district assessments. In the 2016-2017 school year, he was awarded Bridgeprep Academy of Arts and Minds’ Teacher of the Year. In 2018, Mr. Solórzano continued delivering highly effective Algebra 1 instructional lessons and differentiated instruction to students at Youth Co-Op Preparatory Charter School, where he served as the Mathematics Department Chair for Middle School and High School from 2019 to 2021. During this time, he facilitated different trainings for teachers in his department and coordinated all 2020 – 2021 SECME Festival and Olympiad Competitions for Middle and High School.

In 2021, Mr. Solórzano joined City of Hialeah Educational Academy as the new 8th grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1 Honors teacher. During this year, students in 8th grade pre-algebra saw a 65% passing rate, which constitutes a 35% increase from the year prior. Moreover, students in Mr. Solorzano's Algebra 1 Honors class obtained a 95% passing rate.

Mr. Solorzano plans plans to continue delivering highly effective lessons and keep students engaged in different class activities during the 2022-2023 School Year.

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